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The Phoenix Remix is a 501c3, state licensed volunteer rescue designed to protect and preserve the lives of jeopardized, neglected and at-risk domesticated animals.


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About Us

Where it all began

Phoenix was found emaciated, dying from disease on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere, Tennessee, in the spring of 2002. She was somewhere around five months old. Local veterinarians suggested that she be euthanized, given the severity of her condition. That could have been the end of her story- a truncated life of misery, hunger and loneliness.

But that was nowhere near the end.

 Phoenix healed. She spent a decade and a half reveling in extraordinary health, athleticism and compassion.

She touched the lives of every person that met her with her gentle demeanor, her love of the outdoors and her loyalty to people- something she didn’t owe us, but humans certainly owed her. It is the mission of this rescue to give every lost soul the chance to be loved and honored beyond its lifetime, like Phoenix is. It is our goal to ensure these animals are placed in homes that will stay as dedicated to the animals as they are to us, and our wish to provide every animal we touch with the opportunity to change your life forever, the way Pheenie changed ours. 



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Humble beginings

The origins of our adoptables

Many of the shelters we pull animals from throught the midwest do not allow their dogs the comfort of using outdoor facilities. These dogs and cats often do not see daylight until rescue comes for them.

Forgotten souls of all ages populate the midwest kill shelters, not just the old and broken. The Phoenix Remix does not discriminate against breed, age, condition, or disposition.

Young or old…few show up to our rescue without emergent medical needs.

The Remix

Where we are headed

It’s not a goal. It’s a certainty. This rescue will reduce the number of euthanasia and illness related deaths in forgotten, midwestern map dot towns and pounds. Every life you find within our ranks had it’s back against the wrecking machine, but now thrives because of patience, medical care and endless adoration on behalf of our very valuable volunteer network. 

By the numbers

Since our rebirth in late September 2019, this small but mighty rescue has save the lives of over

at risk citizens from Nebraska, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Missouri.

Reform through rebellion

We’re  not just here for the animals in our charge, we’re here for ALL the animals within our line of sight and beyond. Breed-specific legislation, puppy mills and inhumane breeding practices really set Phoenix on fire, and we’re here to make lasting change…even if it means unrest.

It’s been four years since we started this crazy little operation of ours. In that time, we’ve adopted out more than 200 dogs, cats, rabbits and even some pigs! We’ve traveled in the name of saving lives to Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Idaho, Minnesota, Colorado, Kansas and busted our butts right here in Nebraska. We’ve seen our ranks quintuple in size from our five founding members. Our network of supporters jumped from a few hundred to a few thousand. We have lobbied lawmakers to change animal cruelty laws. We’ve held parties and protests. We have laughed, cried, lost our minds, found them again and started the whole process over. Many days, rescue seems like incredibly high-stakes laundry. It’s never over, no matter how caught up you think you are. But we’ve been afforded the great luck of finding like-minded folks to join our team who also have horrible senses of humor to get through the hard days, celebrate the good and brace us for the unknown. They understand and support our burning desire to shoulder the hardships of rescue, while making it fun and entertaining for the followers, and quite frankly, that’s all we set out to do. Save some animals, have some fun, absorb the sadness (because there’s MORE than enough of that to go around these days) and go to bed at night knowing we honored our absent furry friends and did all we could to help as many as we could. That’s what we will ALWAYS be about. However, none of any of this would be possible without you- our followers who trust us day in, day out, who adopt our animals and share our posts and give us hope that just maybe, someday, our job will be done, and domesticated animals won’t find themselves in peril due to their gross overpopulation. We can dream, right? Let’s keep on dreamin’. Two years in, and we’re just getting warmed up. 


Thank you for believing in this rescue.


Jen & Phoenix

A huge thanks to our friends who support us with their generous donations and opportunities to show off our adorable adoptables. Your help ensures our success.

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