The Phoenix Remix Animal Rescue

Betty White

BETTY WHITE. Ummmm, of COURSE a cat named Betty White would be America’s sweetheart! When we first met her at the grossly overpopulated cat colony we’re trying to shrink, she was the sweetest, warmest face coming from the most unexpected place. She’s everything we thought she would be when she first approached our rescue van as if to say, “hey guys, we doin’ vet stuff in here?” Why INDEED we were, Miss Betty! HOP ON IN. She was so ready to have her aching mouth worked on, and to retire from her parenting days. And her “fending for herself” days. From that point on, she worked as something of a welcoming committee to every other white cat that came out of the same cat pile we’ve been feverishly trying to deplete, greeting each one in foster care with a familiar face and a head bonk of solidarity. Betty is so good at making everything feel at ease, including people. She has overpaid her outdoor dues and is ready to enjoy her retirement in the home that loves her best by holding her like a baby (her FAVORITE) keeping her fed with soft food, warm, protected and loved. Our beloved white haired one woman welcoming committee can also be YOUR welcoming committee every day by taking a chance on a very deserving old gal.