The Phoenix Remix Animal Rescue


It’s kinda funny how things find their balance. There’s always one to come busting into our little beat lab, breaking up the monotony with smoke and blinding lights and a stage presence like none other. And this time, that ONE is none other than miss BONO. 😎
Maybe part American bulldog? Maybe a little boxery? 🤷 Who knows. But what we do know is that, naturally, she’s a rockstar from Mars. Hailing from a place ,🎶🎵 where the streets have no name,🎶🎵 Bono effortlessly gathers the gaze of all the eyes in the room. It just comes naturally when you’re as good looking as she is, and with a personality worthy of ALLLLL the attention. This girl has yet to meet a dog that wasn’t jamming with her in no time. And naturally, being the personality that she is, Bono isn’t lonely even when she’s alone. She can entertain herself as well as she can a group. Imagine being THIS righteous at just four months old! Or… even better… Imagine the lifetime of rocking out this wonderful girl will do once she’s settled! Bono is *housebroken*, **crate trained (although she prefers to sleep in luxury with her people)**, and ***FULLY VETTED*** and ready for the lifetime to provide her with the forever afterparty she deserves! Apply to adopt the 🎵🎶SWEETEST THING🎶🎵, BONO.