The Phoenix Remix Animal Rescue

Carolina Possum

The first image was taken of her less than 60 days ago. 🎵🎶 Don’t call it a come back.🎶🎵 Our little mostly dead feral colony kitten never ceases to amaze. I tell ya, a weekend in the kitty ICU at All Feline Hospital does wonders for a baby at the end of her rope. So does a doting foster dad who refers to Carolina now as Possum, his sweet “trash princess kitty” who came from incredible disadvantages to bloom into the remarkably beautiful little thang she is today. Watching her turn into herself has been a show we wouldn’t have missed a second of for the world. She’s seemingly ***quite*** dedicated to her present schedule, which generally does not waiver from:
9:25am – 4:45pm = Very good kitten. Because she is sleeping. 😒
4:45pm-5:00pm = warm ups. Stretching. Put on sweat band.
5:00pm- 7:25pm = Find littermate brother. Great day if he’s sleeping. Fly onto brother like spider monkey. Kick the bejeezus out of said brother for no less than two hours and twenty five minutes. No worries, brother loves every second. 🙄
7:25pm- 8:30 pm = Sit at dry kibble bowl. Eat body weight twice.
8:30pm- 9:45pm= lay in dog’s bed while dog wishes it was laying in said bed. Stare intimidatingly. Bathe while staring at dog. Stare at dog from dog’s bed some more while doing nothing. 😈
9:45pm – 11:45pm = cat races through the whole house with brother. sub in additional minutes of brother whoopin’s.
11:45pm – 3:45 am = wait on bedpost for human feet to move beneath covers. Murder feet. Wait for more movement. Repeat.
3:45am – 4:45 am = kibble brunch, one serving of body weight this time.
4:45am – 6:00 am = sleep directly on foster dad’s head while exhaling cat food breath into his beard.
6:00 am- 8:45 am = human beep machine goes off. Human leaves bed. Sleep on human’s pillow.
8:45 am – 9:25 am= HUMAN HAS ZOOM MEETING FOR WORK!!!! BEST TIME OF DAY!!! Sit on humans shoulder like parrot in front of camera. Crash into human face fur while he attempts to speak coding to superiors. Forcibly demand attention from human and camera. Continue until camera is off.
9:25am- nighty night. 💤
Now, we have it on pretty good authority that once this little miracle baby fully grows into herself, she’ll chill the heck out. Kittens are just kind of that way. But make no mistake, we are 100% here for this kid being as big of kitty terrorist as she wants, when she wants. It’s pretty dang incredible she’s alive at all. And after much debate in the foster household, the Carolina Possum is now fully vetted and up for adoption. She will undoubtedly take a little time to warm up to new people, but once she does, she’ll be murdering your feet nightly and crashing your corporate meetings in no time. This girl is undoubtedly worth the minimal work she will take to adjust to new surroundings, and once comfortable, she simply lives to please. But not mostly you. Mostly to please herself. Because… cat.
You need to adopt the Carolina Possum.

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