The Phoenix Remix Animal Rescue


Clemson is THAT guy

The guy who is endlessly screwing up the otherwise pristine family photo. He’s that guy you knew back in college who could have doubled for Steve-o on Jackass. He’s the guy that wants to go streaking to the quad, stay up way too late, party way too hard and really needs some supervision in his adolescence. I mean, look at these pictures.
Frame one: “Make good face? Like dis?”
“Clem, gimme more personality. Give me more of your authentic self. Ya know. Something to really make the folks swoon.”
Frame two: ***Sticks lower teeth out for absolutely no reason because he doesn’t have an underbite*** “…you mean like dis? This face right here?”
“………dude, no. You don’t even smile that way. Nobody does. Just smile like you’re… ya know… smiling. Pretend I have a treat or something.”
Frame three: “GAH FOR CRYIN OUT LOUD LADY JUST TAKE THE DANG PICTURE!” And then he probably rolled out in a fit of frustration because pics are BOOORRRRIIIIING.

Sweet little Clemson might suck something awful in front of a lens, but in real life, this boy oozes with both personality and whatever grossness he found to roll in. He’s got the outdoorsy-ness of a Lab, the bay of a hound, and the brain of a goldfish. At six months of age, this one isn’t ready to sit down and write you a sonnet just yet. He’s the kid that wants to stick a fork in an outlet over and over just to see what happens because “WHY CAN’T I? WHAT HAPPENS?! I JUST WANNA SEE!!!” He would love to spend the day endlessly harassing an equally high-energy playmate or taking a long woodsy walk. Clem has been afforded the luxury of a foster home with dutiful supervising parents, dogs and cats, and he interacts beautifully with everyone! And yeah, he may be the life of the party, but when he is settled in and that puppy energy has been released, the real magic happens. Clemson is loyal to a fault- adoring his person and curing up next to you in bed at the end of another amazing day outside the pound. These kinds of dogs aren’t always easy to deal with, but I can promise you that you will NEVER be bored with Clem, he’ll love you with every hair on his hide, and he’ll teach you more about loyalty than just about anyone else you’ll ever meet. Clemson is six months old, fully vetted, and ready to be the next love of your life. Apply to take Clemson forever