The Phoenix Remix Animal Rescue


Meet FISH! She gets her name from a dad joke surrounding her mackerel tabby markings, and her innate ability to just keep swimming no matter what happens next. Fish comes from the same grossly overpopulated cat colony as the other adults in our rescue right now, but she’s so special. At first, it was believed she had a broken leg after being hit by a car. Xrays didn’t agree with that story. Next up was the raging inner ear infection she had, which has been resolved with antibiotics, yet her symptoms remain. Fish is endlessly walking like a gal headed out of her favorite pub at last call. Her bobbing and weaving through imaginary traffic is caused by what the vets believe to be an old brain injury. Fish’s world is always swimming with motion, but that doesn’t stop her from living her life to the max and loving the people she’s with! No, she’ll never join the Moscow Ballet. She’s probably never going to stick the landing onto a perch in a high cat tree BUT- she’s never going to stop trying, either. So why should we? We believe there’s a home out there for this cat loving, dog tolerant girl that will adore her just the way she is, and allow her to thrive indoors, in safety, where she can receive as much love as she gives. Care to take a chance on a wobbly girl? She’ll make it worth your while with her lap sitting and V12 motor.