The Phoenix Remix Animal Rescue


With a face like the one on Helix, you would think his life would have been easier than it has been. Talk about a knockout, right? He should have been rolling in sunbeams his last seven years in earth, eating fancy stuff for every meal, with a family that would never let him go. But he hasn’t been that fortunate. YET. He’s spent over a calander year waiting for the opportunity to get the break of a lifetime- a real family. This guy is no stranger to the big wide world, and all the things in it- friendly and otherwise. As a retired “working cat,” Helix sports the tipped ear of a guy from the streets, the savvy to know what’s out to hurt him, and the deep appreciation for a comfy couch and a hand stretched out in love. One of the other additional “features” of his humble beginnings is his FIV positive status. FIV is NOT a death sentence. Quite frankly, it doesn’t affect him at all. If not for the recent vetting he had received, we would have had no clue he was infected. What this means- he should probably be an only cat, or paired with other FIV positive cats OR- any other animals besides cats. The odds of transmitting the virus to another cat are not likely, but in the interest of extreme caution, having him fly as the household solo kitty is best.
Helix’s ability to abandon his former aversion to humans is incredible. The forgiveness in this gorgeous boy is unmistakeable. The ways he wants to repay you for getting him into his forever home are innumerable.
If you would like to take a chance on the most beautiful boy you’ve ever seen, and make him the luckiest boy to boot, please fill out our application Apply to Adopt.