The Phoenix Remix Animal Rescue

Licky Pogo

In case you missed it, it’s county fair season! And if you needed a side gig, LORT do we have an endeavor for YOU. This one will SURELY bring you more quarters than a frat house drinking game!
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, PHEENIES of ANY creed, STEP RIGHT UP. What you are about to see will deceive your eyes! It will bend your MIND! It will CHALLENGE your very beliefs in canine composition! Yes, yes… you are about to behold the MARVEL of mixed species. Part DOG! Part CHUPACABRA! ALL FUZZ. YES, PHEENIES, THIS IS IT. Behold the one, the absolute ONLY, the spare parts dog meets mythical creature for the ages…
Yes, yes, your eyes are correct. You are witnessing the perfect pairing of mythical creature and Chihuahua! A dog to never let outdoors on a windy day unless you’re an experienced kites-person, or whatever you call an individual that knows stuff about kites. 🤷 Hold on tight because those ears? She GONE. 🪁 This little lady is sure to captivate your mind and your heart at ONCE! At a ripe young age, Licky is here to entertain you for the rest of her life! Her vertical leaps? Second to none. Her adoration of other canines? FLAWLESS. Her ability to ensure days long entertainment? Thou shalt NEVER be bored AGAIN! She’s fully vetted, microchipped, and hell bent on being the next best thing that ever happened to you! Complete your residential circus! 🎪 Apply to adopt LICKY.