The Phoenix Remix Animal Rescue

Not the Mama!!

Not the Mama has quite a story to tell!! Phoenix Remix got a call about some newborn kittens whose mama had been chased off by a dog. We swooped in to get the newborns to a foster home and started bottle feeding but we knew their best chance of survival meant finding mama. We set a trap and voila, we caught mama! Or did we…

After reuniting this trapped kitty with her kittens, she showed no inclination to nurse them. She seemed quite comfortable with the babies but wasn’t nursing. After closer inspection, we realized this kitty had no milk so she was definitely NOT THE MAMA!!!

Back to the acreage we went and set another trap. Voila, another cat was trapped! Would this be the one? It turns out, yes! She was the mama and started nursing her babies right away. We also noticed that real mama and not the mama looked very similar and seemed quite comfortable with each other. We suspect they are young siblings so we left Real Mama, Not the Mama and 4 kittens together in foster care so they could all be vetted and prepared for their indoor forever homes.