The Phoenix Remix Animal Rescue


PUMA is something of a freakshow. Let’s just be honest. A cat left to its own devices outdoors for as long as she has should have rightfully turned half honey badger at this point. But alas, Puma just cannot help but love anything and everyone that crosses her path. Unabashed trust is her game, and Puma is a PRO. Her customary greeting to new people and cats consists of: 1. Head bonk. 2. Meow followed by motor. 3. Circling and crashing while wrapping her tail around the newcomer. Puma exists for curling up in your lap, making cookies, and sucking out all the bad energy from your soul at the end of a long day, replacing it with hugs and hope. We cannot help but feel that must be the reason she survived a life in the elements for as many years as she did. Get Puma out of the wild and into your heart. Adopt this truly special, permanently positive girl!