The Phoenix Remix Animal Rescue


If Quinn were a cookie, she would be something gooey and warm, straight from the oven. If Quinn were a sweater, she would be one bulky and soft and impossibly comfortable winter after winter. If Quinn were a person, she would be that girl that would charge the air in a room with excitement and wanderlust, simply by entering it. And if Quinn were camping gear, she would be a lantern. There’s a light inside of Quinn that refuses to flicker, whether she’s holed up in a map dot animal shelter week after week after seemingly endless week, or curled up in a big comfy chair at her foster home. That light doesn’t change. It’s as steady as she is. Always ready to make each day an adventure. Always ready to instantly reconstruct mundane into magic. It’s like she somehow knows that no matter how bad things can be one day, there’s something incredible waiting for her, and she just has to be patient enough to get to that something. She’s been waiting for that forever something for the two years she’s been on this earth. From the moment she arrived, Quinn has been romancing her foster family with the unbridled joy she so expertly exudes. Her Labrador drive to explore, her eagerness to please and her love of life is something intoxicating for anyone who meets her. She retrieves like a champion, relishes the company of other dogs , but mostly, this girl is a companion through and through. She strikes us as the ideal best friend for folks that have the same desire to live and experience things that she does- the folks that will never let her go again. The days are getting shorter this time of year. Need a little more light in your life? Lucky you. You’ve found our Quinn. 🥰 Apply to take her forever home.