The Phoenix Remix Animal Rescue


Meet Slate!, one of our Roly Stones kittens! These beautiful babies were found abandoned in a box during an Oklahoma rainstorm. Luckily, they were rescued and found a foster home in Lincoln, NE to grow big and strong. Slate and her siblings are now ready for homes of their own.

Slate is the only girl but she rules the roost over her siblings. She is the most active and playful of the bunch. Always on the go and always willing to take on her brothers in a wrestling match. She would benefit from a playmate in her new home or adopt her and a sibling together to keep each other occupied. Slate has a beautiful charcoal colored coat with a subtle swirl pattern. She is up for some chin skritches and ear rubs once she is all played out but not a fan of being held. Great litter box matters and also clean with her eating and drinking habits. Slate has all her claws and doesn’t love having her nails trimmed but if you catch her when she’s tired, she will hold still while you trim away. She also does well using the cat tree and other available cat scratchers. She is not afraid of the dogs in her foster home and is respectful of the resident grumpy cat.