The Phoenix Remix Animal Rescue

Specks & Splatter

Meet Specks and Splatter. Specks is the dark side of the Yin Tang twins, here, with “specks” of white on her black head, seemingly from head bonking Splatter, who as white cat, has a “splatter” of gray on her head, also from said head bonks. Transferring fur, if you will. Both of these girls have not only shared pieces of their coats with each other, they’re seemingly sharing pieces of their hearts. Wherever one goes, so does the other, swirling tails, crashing into themselves in the most loving way. Yeah, they look a little rough. Frost bite has claimed pieces of their ears. There’s some old war wounds that won’t grow fur anymore. And really, all things considered, these are small prices to pay for survival in the elements. And yet they are still so kind to other cats and humans alike. It really makes you yearn for feline levels of forgiveness, we must say. From the deepest pit of our blackened souls, we’re hoping these two can find a place to go TOGETHER. We’re willing to bet they survived because of each other. Now, they’re ready to THRIVE together. And let’s just double down on this, shall we? If you pass our rubber glove adoption process for these two kids, we’ll let you name your fee. That’s right. $0, $20, $200… you call the ball, Pheenies. We don’t care about money. We care about Specks and Splatter making up for lost time and living the life together that they deserved all along. Apply to take home these extra friendly soulmates.