Macklemore & Ryan

Macklemore  & Ryan

We might be up to our armpits in cats, but there’s still PLENTY of dogs around here. And here’s two more, ready to rock! I mean, really…we could have named these guys Carbuncle and Pelvis and it wouldn’t have had any negative impact on our aspirations to get them adopted out. With faces like this, you don’t need a whole lot of promotion or fanfare. But of course we gave them rockin’ names regardless. Meet our beloved Macklemore and Ryan! Mack and Ryan, the fuzz faced duo have been laying down their Pyrenees mix puppy beats in the lab for the last few weeks as they learn how to NOT bring the house down! Despite their natural ability to entertain, these kiddos are pretty dang chill! As far as M, the A C the K is concerned, he’s definitely a front man. Mack seems more sure of himself, new folks and obstacles, while Ryan is a little more shy. It takes her just a tad bit longer to warm up. True to her producer moniker, she’s definitely more of the behind the scenes type, but typically just when you’re looking. When left to her own devices, she’s ready to get the crowd hyped by thrashing your flower beds and running gleefully though the house carrying your shoe. Mack is a water dish digger for the AGES- everybody knows the water on the bottom tastes the best. Both are so very smart and kind, ignoring cats and even the rabbit in foster care. They love kids, they’re fully vetted and ready for the forever home they deserve! Ready to be entertained for the rest of their lives?  Apply to take home Macklemore or Ryan.